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    Give beautifully, do good.

  • Bold styles

    Create an unforgettable moment for your loved one next time you give

  • Luscious Valentine Wraps

    Reusable Furoshiki wraps and wine gift bags made with striking red velvet


Fabric Gift Wrap

Reusable gift wrapping inspired by Japanese Furoshiki. Eco-friendly gift wrap that is easy to use and feels divine to both wrap and receive.

Wine gift bags

Luxury wine gift bags to add some serious wow to your next dinner party gift. 


Who gets the most presents? Kids do! Get playful and sustainable with this range suitable for girls, boys, birthdays or even Christmas presents.

How it works

Our reusable gift wraps and wrapping scarves are made out of fabric that you wrap around a gift in a similar way to wrapping a gift with paper and ribbon. For wraps without ribbons you can simply roll the gift in fabric and knot the ends. Wraps are easy to use and tiny to store. More on How to Wrap.

The etiquette when gifting with fabric wrap is generally to give the wrap as part of the present. This way, it’ll become part of their household ‘gift wrapping stash’. If you’re giving a gift to someone who is unlikely to re-use the wrap, it’s perfectly OK to ask for it back so you can reuse it. Think of the trees! 

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