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    Give beautifully, do good.

Beautiful wrap - zero waste

Stylish reusable gift wrapping in gorgeous fabrics. Furoshiki and scarves to wrap with, reuse or wear.

Our mission is to change the way people wrap. And all have a whole lot of fun playing with lush fabrics, patterns and pom poms along the way!


Furoshiki with Ribbons

Reusable gift wrapping inspired by Japanese Furoshiki with added ribbons for a real wow. Eco-friendly gift wrap that is easy to use and feels divine to both wrap and receive. Explore now

Classic Furoshiki

Furoshiki wrapping scarves are a sustainable wrapping paper alternative. Hand made from quality fabrics to last for generations of happy occasions.
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Who gets the most presents? Kids do! Get playful and sustainable with this range suitable for birthdays, Christmas or just because presents.
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How Fabric Wrapping Works

Our reusable gift wraps and wrapping scarves are made out of fabric that you wrap around a gift in a similar way to wrapping a gift with paper and ribbon. For wraps without ribbons you can simply roll the gift in fabric and knot the ends. Wraps are easy to use and tiny to store. More on How to Wrap.

The etiquette when gifting with fabric wrap is to give the wrap as part of the present. Paying it forward so they can in-turn give the wrap to the next person. And so the circle of eco-love continues! If you’re giving a gift to someone who is unlikely to re-use the wrap, or family, it’s perfectly OK to ask for it back so you can reuse it. Think of the trees! 

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