All in.

All in.

All in.

All in.
Contract not renewed. 
Covid, not a fit, not quite the experience needed. All good reasons. 
But still, a brutal moment in one's life. Particularly when it's not the first time. 
I cried. I soul-searched. Chatted with Margot :)

And finally admitted that what I really want to do is this. For real. Real real. 
Doing something as a side hustle is sensible. But it also means you live with an itch to do more that you can't scratch. Dreams that you don't let yourself get carried away with. Ambition that has to be down-scaled. And in my case SO MANY IDEAS that have nowhere to go. 

I'm shy. Afraid my ideas aren't good enough. But here's me showing up and doing it anyway. 

I'm all in.
With the awesome Margot beside me. How lucky am I?

And just as I make this decision - a bloody miracle happens. We had put out an ad for volunteers (thanks Escape the City!) to help us for a little while as we ramp up for Xmas. And we ended up with four totally amazing collaborators on our journey. Not one, four. Each one has already had a big impact on our thoughts and actions. 

And their belief in turn helps my belief.

Expect to see so much more from us. Clearer, stronger and more creative. 
And so much more collaborative with likeminded people. 
Because we want to change the way the world wraps. And we can't do it alone. 
All of us can do it, choose to waste less, be more thoughtful about how we give. All we need is creativity.
I can't wait to see how people make this challenge their own and create new, beautiful traditions.

This picture? Me, showing up. BTW - I'm Natasja.


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