Being the Tortoise

Being the Tortoise

Being the Tortoise

Being the Tortoise

At the moment, I'm finding comfort in being the tortoise. Like any small business we have limited time and resources. And man, I spend so much time worrying - am I using my time on the best possible thing I can? 
Worrying that I am not moving as fast as I should

But then I remind myself. This is OUR business. And it will work OUR way, not anyone else's. And it is our take, our values that drive our priorities and actions. And each of those actions adds up to our brand. 

So I ignore the social pressure of the 7-figures in 12 months overnight successes. And do what our instincts say to do next. Not what we are told we should do. 

Whilst still learning as much as we can along the way. Selectively.

I'm OK being the tortoise. I absolutely believe we will succeed in our mission to change the way the world wraps. And I'm OK with that taking 10 years, 20 years if that's what it takes. 

I have just two things I try and do every working day:

1. Help one person every day (HOPE). Inspired of all things an Episode of the Jasmine Star Podcast called How to Get Anything You Want in 20 Days (oh, the irony!)

2. Do one thing better every day. Inspired as ever by David Hieatt, and the Hiut Denim annual yearbook. This one called One Percent Better

And when I find the Shoulds crowding round I remind myself to relax and enjoy the ride. It's OUR business. And when I relax, let myself have creative space or have fun creating and making with Margot - that's when the magic happens that sparks new growth for our business. If you always push, your to-do list drowns out the space to listen to your own instincts.

Off I plod :)





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