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Furoshiki wrapping: Learn Six Easy and Impressive Wrapping Styles

Furoshiki wrapping styles

Furoshiki wrapping is most commonly associated with gift wrapping. Furoshiki cloths can also be used for transporting items such as shopping, home decor and as a fashion accessory. 

Furoshiki wrapping is much easier than people think! You can wrap a gift with a simple knot or two in a minute, no scissors or tape required. Wrapping with Furoshiki wrapping cloths is also a surprisingly satisfying thing to do. A few knots and in minutes you've made something both beautiful and useful.

What you need for Furoshiki wrapping:

  • A Furoshiki wrapping cloth. If you don't have a Furoshiki you can also use a square scarf (vintage ones from the thrift store or one of our surprise scarf value bundles are great), a soft tea towel or soft cloth napkin.
  • If you create a DIY wrapping cloth with material - 30cm is good for tiny gifts, 45-50cm for boxes up to 12-15cm, 70cm is a great all-rounder for gifts up to 20cm2 and 90cm works well for larger gifts such as children's toys. Fabric should be of a similar weight to a standard tea towel and not transparent (we don't want to ruin the surprise!). We recommend that you seam them if possible so those you give them to will be able to use them for years to come.

    Six Different Furoshiki Wrapping Styles:

    1. The basic wrap - suitable for square, rectangle or short gifts such as books

    2. Four tie wrap - suitable for square, rectangle or short gifts. Looks particularly cute with little gifts

    3. Two knots carry wrap - best for long and slender items

    4. Bento Wrap - a simple wrap with added handle

    5. Leaf wrap - best for tall items such as a vase, jar or candle

    6. Shoulder carry wrap - an easy way to make an extra carry bag. Suitable for shopping or when travelling.

    If videos work best for you, see our How to Wrap Using Fabric page videos or this one specifically on How to Wrap a Bottle using Furoshiki.  

    Note all the following instructions are for wrapping using a Furoshiki without ribbons. For instructions on how to wrap using one of our Ribbon Furoshiki please see our How to Wrap page.


    Steps for each Furoshiki wrap:

    1. Basic Carry Wrap | Book Wrap | Otsukai Tsutsumi

    A simple and attractive wrap ideal for books, gift boxes or accessories. If you can knot, you can do it! It will work with many different shapes as fabric gift wrapping is quite forgiving.


    1. Lay the Furoshiki in a diamond shape, right side down. 
    2. Place your gift in the centre. 
    3. Fold the corner closest to you over your gift, tucking any excess underneath. 
    4. Fold the top corner over the gift. If there is excess fabric, just roll the gift upwards until all fabric is wrapped around the gift.
    5. Take the side corners of fabric and tie a double knot on top.
    6. Fluff out the ends of the ties neatly. 

    Here is a very peaceful video showing exactly how it is done.

    2. Four Tie Wrap | Four Petal Wrap | Yotsu Musubi

    A sweet and very attractive wrap that works for all types of gifts. It looks particularly lovely with square and small gifts. 

    Four leaf Furoshiki Wap
    Image credit: Curate and Display

    1. Lay the Furoshiki in a diamond shape, right side down. 
    2. Place your gift in the centre. 
    3. Knot the two opposite corners together
    4. Then knot the remaining top and bottom corners together. It should look like a knot upon a knot.
    5. Fluff out each end neatly so it looks similar to four petals.


    3. Two Knots Carry Wrap | Futatsu Tsutsumi

    A wrap ideal for long, thin items that looks particularly stylish.

    Futatsu Furoshiki Wrapping

    Image credit: Miyai-net.

    1. Lay the Furoshiki in a diamond shape, right side down. Place your gift in the centre
    2. Knot the top and bottom corners firmly across the centre of the gift. Lay the ties down along the length of the gift
    3. In your left hand gather up the left hand corner, gathering the fabric firmly close to the gift. In your right hand gather up the closest tie from the first knot and knot the two
    4. Repeat on the right side
    5. Arrange the knots and ties neatly



      4. Bento Wrap | Lunch Wrap

      A gift wrap with built in carry handle! Also a style more traditionally used to wrap one's lunch or Bento. It works well with both large and small gifts and can accommodate many different shapes.

      Furoshiki Bento Wrap

      Image credit: Ambatialia

      1. Lay the Furoshiki in a diamond shape, right side down. Place your gift (or lunch!) in the centre
      2. Knot the top and bottom corners firmly across the centre of the gift. Double knot if the ends are really long
      3. Pull up the side corners above the gift, creating a handle shape. Double knot the tips together to create the handle. Swing away carrying your lovely Bento wrapped Furoshiki!



        5.  Leaf Wrap 

        Ideal for items that are taller than then are wide. It is very quick and easy and looks very impressive! The image here is a leaf wrap where I have tucked down the ends to make a flower shape as they were too long!

        Furoshiki Leaf Wrapping Style

        1. Lay the Furoshiki in a diamond shape, right side down. Place your gift in the centre.
        2. Gather up all the corners around the gift, pulling the fabric up snugly against the side of the gift and holding it all together with one hand on top of the gift. You’ve created your leaves!
        3. Take one of the ends in the other hand and wrap it all the way around the base of the other three, under the hand holding the other 3 ends. 
        4. Tuck that end in under itself, securing it as you would the end of a rope or a pony tail
        5. Your leaf wrap is ready! If your leaves are too long and floppy, push them into the centre of the top knot and they will instead form an attractive flower knot



           6. Shoulder Carry Wrap

          One of my favourite ways to use Furoshiki. This works brilliantly as a back-up bag when travelling or going grocery shopping. I’ve also used it when I just haven’t had the right sized bag - I just choose a scarf that works with my outfit, knot and go. Once you have the hang of it, it is quick and easy to do.

          Furoshiki Carry Bag

          Image credit: MU Store

          1. Lay the wrap or scarf on the diagonal. The right side should be facing up to you
          2. Take the bottom point closest to you and fold it up to create a triangle shape
          3. Take the left hand corner of the triangle and tie a knot in it
          4. Repeat with the right
          5. Flip the whole wrap over so right side is now on the outside
          6. Knot the tips of the remaining ends in a double knot to create your handle.

          Here's a kitchen table video of me demonstrating how it's done :)

          If you have any questions or suggestions, please do ping us on!


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