How to make gift tags for Furoshiki wrapped gifts

How to make gift tags for Furoshiki wrapped gifts

How to make gift tags for Furoshiki wrapped gifts

How to make gift tags for Furoshiki wrapped gifts

When you have twins you have a particular need to label gifts well. Imagine ending up with an uneven number of gifts? Cue the tears. 

We've been thinking about the best tags for fabric wrapped gifts. Here's some of the best ways we have found. Some require store-bought tags and some are Zero-Waste DIY. Let us know how you go with them!

1. Snip gift tags so you can slide the tag directly onto one of the 'arms' of the wrap. 

This simple snip enables you to hook your gift tag onto Furoshiki wrapped gifts or fabric wrapped gifts with ribbons. 

Furoshiki gift tag

2. Upcycle old cards into furoshiki gift tags. 

Go Zero Waste and use old birthday cards, magazine covers or cereal boxes to make upcycled gift tags.

You need:

  • Old cards, food boxes, delivery boxes or any other recycling material made from light cardboard,
  • Scissors
  • A hole punch. If you don't have one, you can make a hole (carefully) with the ends of the scissors poking through the card into something like an eraser. 

3. Use string to tie tags just under your Furoshiki knot

This is a very neat and full-proof way of making sure your tag stays put. It also has the added bonus if there are cheeky fingers that might want to unwrap and peek at presents - a double knot should keep the surprise safe.


4. Tuck the card under the knot

Simple and effective - just tuck the card under the knot. This is particularly lovely when you choose a contrasting colour and pattern - think leopard print against a plain. Or we love going OTT with a little near-pattern clash - florals on florals, tartans on tartans or stripes on stripes. 

Now it's wrapped and tagged - do you give the wrap with the gift or ask for your reusable gift wrap back? It's a question we get asked a lot so we put together a guide to the etiquette of giving Furoshiki or fabric wrapped gifts. 









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