How you can reuse Furoshiki 7 ways

How you can reuse Furoshiki 7 ways

How you can reuse Furoshiki 7 ways

How you can reuse Furoshiki 7 ways

Furoshiki, or Japanese Wrapping Cloths are most commonly used for wrapping gifts, carrying one's lunch (bento) or tied into a bag to carry groceries. 

Furoshiki, which means Japanese bath spread, derives from the traditional practice of using them to bundle clothes while at the sento or public baths. Arguably, the tradition dates back to the Nara period in the 8th century. Furoshiki are enjoying a modern resurgence as more people discover them as a beautiful and eco-friendly way to gift wrap. 

We have found ourselves using Furoshiki for lots of everyday purposes too. We keep a stash of the linen ones handy in the kitchen. Here's 7 ways you can use Furoshiki in everyday life. Every re-use represents a great eco-swap too. 

  1. Lunch wrap. Wrap your lunch, known as Bento in Japan, and it doubles as an eco-friendly napkin.
  2. Bread wrap. Either for home-made or store-bought bread it works brilliantly. Just wash and re-use. 
  3. Carry bag. Tied using this method. This is a great example of how it can work for a small basket grocery shop.
  4. Packing aide. Separate your smalls, togs or accessories by knotting them Furoshiki style into a scarf. You then also have a scarf with you just in case on the trip.
  5. Toy tidy. Organise and keep together bitty-toys in lovely Furoshiki wraps.
  6. Wrap preserves. Gift wrap preserves beautifully in an old bandana or scarf.
  7. Wrap flowers. Beautifully eco-friendly, particularly if from your garden or local florist.

If you would like to see more ways you can use a Furoshiki to wrap gifts, check out our How to Wrap page. Or Six Easy and Impressive ways to Wrap with Furoshiki. 

Let us know how you use Furoshiki in the comments!


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