Seven plastic free gifts you can give year round

Seven plastic free gifts you can give year round

Seven plastic free gifts you can give year round

Seven plastic free gifts you can give year round

We're all about giving here, so here are seven plastic free gift ideas that you can start to use today, and throughout the rest of the year. 

First up, a reminder to make sure that whatever you give, please do so using wrap that doesn't contain glitter or foil which cannot be recycled. Generally, if paper wrap passes the scrunch test, it's recyclable. 

Now, for those plastic-free gift ideas

  1. Give the gift of a baby. A plant baby that is. Thoughtfully consider your recipient and just how much love they can give to their plant family and then select away. According to the Guardian, a plant for every 100 square feet of living area is good for you. You can see the top 10 plants that will purify your home according to NASA here
  2. An audible subscription. Whilst on the surface a gift-card-like-cop-out, actually this zero-waste gift could bring your loved one enlightenment, knowledge or just make them LOL on the tube on the way to work. 
  3. A zero-waste starter kit. Most mere mortals can always do better. UK based The Wise House does most excellent starter kits for home, commute or even Teacher gifts. 
  4. An inspiration to bring one's own lunch. It is frankly appalling how much packaging is involved in a standard high-street lunch option. Inspire your friends to bring their own - better for the planet and the pocket. When you use well designed items, somehow the very act of making lunch becomes a pleasure. Mombento (UK) has super stylish and clever Bento boxes and you can add a cotton bento lunch wrap from our range or Agnes LDN does deliciously designed bento bags also.
  5. BYO dinner party. A real gift of love and friendship, bring a dinner party to your friends. We've done this several times and had truly memorable evenings. Zero waste and a memorable, fun and relaxed evening. For a socially distanced option make it a BBQ or bring an old school hotpot for your friends to enjoy.
  6. Soap. Once the fragrant present you gave someone you didn't know well enough to give a real present. Now an on-trend and welcome present. It's simple - using liquid soap in bottles is ridiculously wasteful unnecessary, particularly when you have such lovely options from Lush, and the impressive The All Natural Soap Co.
  7. A selection of Japanese tenugui. Ten-goo-what? These are traditionally used as wash cloths but are literally one of the most useful things you can have around the home. They are particularly useful for zero-waste travelling. A simple raw edged cloth, they can be a towel, a napkin, a bag or even a head-band. Also, a gift wrap :)

You can find a wide selection at The Japanese Shop.


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