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Stories of giving 01: Lugged all the way

Stories of giving 01: Lugged all the way

We love to give. As part of celebrating all things giving we're sharing stories of unforgettable moments when someone received or gave a gift that they'll always remember. It doesn't have to be big. Just thoughtfully perfect.

This story is mine.

My dear friend Karen's life is entwined with ours. We've lived, eaten and laughed in many parts of the world together. And since the babes have been born, she has cuddled, wiped, juggled and spoilt our girls too. Having stayed with us for a while she wanted to give a gift of thanks. As she was off to Copenhagen I asked for a Marimekko bowl for each girl if she stumbled across them (yes, Marimekko is Finnish). 

On return she staggers in our door with enormous and very heavy carry-on. She had bussed, flown, trained, walked with not just a bowl for each but bowls and mugs for all of us, all in her duffle bag. It was epic. And we love them. We use the girls bowls every single day. Usually twice a day. The mug is part of me taking a moment to myself with a coffee each morning. 

Simple. But epic. 

Love you Karen.


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