Trees planted with our Wrap with Care campaign

Trees planted with our Wrap with Care campaign

Trees planted with our Wrap with Care campaign

Trees planted with our Wrap with Care campaign


This Christmas we kicked off a campaign to increase awareness about the amount of waste generated. Our aim was to encourage to be more thoughtful about how they give. Giving is, after all, an act of love. 

In particular we wanted to increase awareness of the amount of waste from paper wrapping. Each year in the UK we go through the equivalent of 50,000 trees worth of paper wrapping. Much of this cannot be recycled due to additives in the paper or low quality fibres. 

Our goal was to encourage people to get creative and resourceful to wrap beautifully, without the waste. To encourage real behaviour change we asked people to pledge to wrap with care and for each and every person who pledged we planted a tree. We even created this beautiful animation to help tell the story. 

What did we learn from this, our first year of the campaign? There is a huge lack of awareness of the issue of paper waste and the challenge of recycling. However, once people realised they LOVED the idea of using alternatives, from re-styling old newspaper to using and re-using Furoshiki. We also found that this year there was a huge swell of desire to do things differently and thoughtfully for each other and the planet. It was a privilege to be a tiny part of helping people do that. And we're really grateful to the journalists in many publications that helped us spread the word. 

One of the most satisfying things of all? Seeing 100 trees planted in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania, as part of a project by Mossy Earth to heal the clear cuts made in the forest. We are so inspired by their clever, thoughtful and sheer hard work. Learn more about them at Mossy Earth

They were kind enough to do this stunning flyover of the trees planted for us just before Christmas. Enjoy. 




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