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What size is a furoshiki?

What size is a furoshiki?
The traditional furoshiki wrapping cloth sizes are 50cm (19 inches) and 70cm (27 inches). These sizes are the traditional hard-working all-rounders that can be used to create a carry bag, wrap gifts or used as a bento wrap for your lunch. 

We figured hundreds of years of use is a pretty good indicator of useful sizes so we based our original range on these sizes. Through trial and error we landed on three most popular sizes - the large (70cm), the medium (45 cm) and the small (30cm). We added ribbons as it just adds a beautiful finish to the gift and frankly a lovely feeling to the whole process of wrapping the gift. 

The medium and large gift wrap can be used to wrap several books, a pot plant, a wine bottle (albeit our wine bottle bags are a simpler alternative) or a small box. The small is perfect for jewellery, accessories or a small box of chocolate. 


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