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What wrapping paper can be recycled?

What wrapping paper can be recycled?
Not all wrapping paper is created equal. Equally recyclable that is, according to the BBC

Although recycling does vary by borough, here are some top tips from the Recycling Association
1. Say no to glitter. Yes, we too love shiny, but not at this price. 
2. Wrapping paper with shiny silver or gold foil fails the recycling test also. 
3. Skip the sellotape, or ensure you remove it all before putting paper in the recycling.
4. Scrunch it. If it stays scrunched it's recyclable according to Recycle Now.
5. If it's already recycled, it's a very good bet it can be again. 

Next time you're shopping for wrapping paper, please skip the foil, glitter and sello and if in doubt, do the scrunch test! 

Or even better - get resourceful and creative and see what you can use that already have on hand. We've heard some brilliant stories of people saving magazine articles relevant to family members to wrap. Using old family flight navigation maps and even T-shirts were also fab wraps! 


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