Why we don't do Rudolph

Why we don't do Rudolph

Why we don't do Rudolph

Why we don't do Rudolph

We sometimes get asked when our Christmas prints are coming. 
I'm afraid they're not. 
We don't do Christmas prints for two reasons. Firstly, we're not really chintzy people. We love giving presents - it's why we started this - and love Christmas time, but not the tackiness. Having said that, there are some divine prints and colours around. Natasja is a particular fan of the more retro and abstract prints (see picture included - how lovely would that be an a wrapping scarf?).

But then we come to the second reason. We want our wraps and gift bags to be a lovely part of your celebrations with friends and family throughout the year, reused and re-styled anew each time. You just couldn't use Rudolph for your mum's birthday. She'd still love you, but it wouldn't feel right. 

What we do instead is be festive all year round. Poms, tassles, bright cheery colours and classic furoshiki you can dress to the nines with whatever you have to hand. 

Gorgeous vintage prints by Jocelyn Proust Designs (wow - isn't her work amazing??)


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