Wrap with care | Sustainable Christmas | Eco-friendly Xmas

Wrap with Care Campaign

Wrap with Care Campaign

Wrap with care | Sustainable Christmas | Eco-friendly Xmas

We've launched a campaign! It's all about encouraging people to give with more care, less waste this Christmas. It's called Wrap with Care. For everyone who joins us and pledges to Wrap with Care we will plant a tree with the fabulous Mossy Earth.

This year has been tough, strange and unsettling, for us and for many others. Yet out of this uncertainty has come more clarity about what's important and a real determination to make a difference to the planet. 

For us, we want to make more people aware of the amount of waste at Christmas (50,000 trees in wrap!). We're not about guilt here, we're about love, so mostly we want to share wonderful stories of people giving and receiving beautiful, thoughtful gifts. You can get teary along with us as you read them!

We are championing the art of giving as an act of love. For us, that love includes considering the impact on the planet.

Brands and people with beautiful ideas and products that inspire us will be shared along the way. And we'll be cheering for every person who gets creative this Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or simply this winter to give with more care, less waste. 

JOIN US. (remember, we'll plant a tree when you do).

Please share this campaign and your creative ideas to #wrapwithcare on Instagram when you do. 

Much love, 

Natasja & Margot



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