Are your products eco-friendly? 

Our reusable gift wrap and bottle bags are designed to be used again and again, a huge step towards a zero-waste Christmas or birthday. Imagine instead of that mountain of wrapping, plastic and cardboard each Christmas there is instead a lovely pile of fabric wraps. Fold up and they are ready for use next time!

What materials are used depends with each wrap and bag. In general they are a mix of materials including cotton and polyesters. Mainly cottons. We realise this is not perfect and are working to try and improve. We buy materials and make them locally, endeavouring to minimise our transport footprint. 

Some specifics:

  • Fabric - Most of our wraps are made using cotton. Some are Organic Cotton, and are marked as such. We have also introduced a Linen range not only for the way it feels but also as it is a more eco-friendly crop.
  • Trims. Pom poms and tassels are made from a mix of cotton and polyester. We use cotton wherever possible. We use recycled plastic (NewLife) satin ribbons wherever possible.
  • Vintage scarves - these are generally made of silk, polyester or nylon. We source our selection exclusively from post-consumer donations / waste.
  • Upcycled range - Coming soon! We use vintage materials to create limited edition wraps and accessories. Usually sourced as a result of an eBay bidding wa :)
  • We welcome any further questions or suggestions. Please contact us if you have any more you would like to know. 


    What is the etiquette of reusable gift wrap? 

    "Can I ask for it back?" is the most common question we get.

    Having chatted to lots of people about this the general consensus is that if it is someone you know well - friends and family - sure! Or you can give safe in the knowledge you'll get it back at the next festive occasion. The other scenario is if you know they really aren't the kind of type to reuse the wrap, that's probably OK to ask for it back too. Note that in countries where this tradition is more common such as Japan, it is understood that you return the Furoshiki to the owner, having appreciated the fine wrapping.

    Today, many people who use The Fabric Wrapping Co.'s wraps choose to make the wrap part of the gift - passing it on to spread the reusable love throughout the world. Some *may* have suggested that means they could give a less expensive gift. Particularly when giving wine in one of our reusable wine bottle bags!


    Who makes the wraps and bottle bags?

    We do, mostly. We measure, cut, pin and sew them on our kitchen tables. They are made to order so where possible we can tailor the order to individual requests. Our linen range is made by a small family business we work with in the EU. 

    After careful checking we pack and send them with several gift tags for your first few gifts and instruction cards.

    Some people may be surprised how they come - they are often packaged in re-used packaging materials. If they are from Natasja that might just be an Australia Post tough bag!