Premium Furoshiki Wrapping Service

Offering a premium gift wrapping service is a sure fire way to attract and delight your customers. Not only does it give joy to your customer, it becomes a point of conversation with the recipient. Not bad in terms of fostering some brand love.

What if you could make it even more delightful by wrapping gifts in sustainable gift wrapping? Our premium eco gift wrapping service absolutely wows customers. They are fascinated watching our team of wrappers carefully envelope their chosen gift in fabric, which can then be reused again and again. The most common phrase we hear when we are wrapping is "you've made my day". 

A beautiful and memorable experience for customers that can be tailored to the exact experience and budget you need. We can wrap in upcycled vintage scarves or custom branded Furoshiki. 

Image: Canary Wharf complimentary gift wrapping service, Dec 2020