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How to Wrap Gifts with Fabric

Wrapping using fabric is easier than it looks, we promise. It is similar to wrapping with paper and ribbon, or simply knotting fabric over a gift. 

Following are some tips on how to wrap with with fabric, furoshiki and for specific examples such as how to wrap a bottle. If you have any questions, please do message us. 

How to Wrap using Ribbon Furoshiki wraps

Easy Furoshiki gift wrapping 3 different ways

How to wrap using The Fabric Wrapping Co wraps

How to wrap using The Fabric Wrapping Co wraps

How to tie Furoshiki (for use with vintage scarves and reusable gift wraps with no ribbons)

How to tie Furoshiki | Furoshiki wrapping instructions

The no. 1 fabric wrapping tip? Start sideways!

The secret trick to a fast and easy wrap is simply to start by placing your book, box, football or set of ornate vintage cat cups sideways first. In a diagonal line with the ribbons. It makes for a simple fold, fold, flip, cross, flip and bow 1 minute jobbie.